JUST’s Plan for Recruiting Specially-Appointed Professors

Jiangsu University of Science andTechnology (JUST) is an engineering-oriented institution of higher education withdistinctive characteristics. It is co-sponsored by Jiangsu Province and theMinistry  of Education of China, and located in the beautiful Chinese historicand cultural city – Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province. As a key university of Jiangsu Province, JUST is recognized excellence in the undergraduate teachingperformance evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education and also includedin the Ministry’s Program for Outstanding Engineer Education and Training. TheUniversity upholds the principle of pursuing connotation-based development withits own distinctive characteristics. Now its unique features in three areas,namely shipbuilding, ocean and sericulture, as well as a complete educationsystem offering bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, have come into fullfledge. It has grown into a featured school with multi-disciplines of ngineering,administration, agriculture, fine arts, science, economy and education, all ofwhich are running in a coordinated manner.

JUST now has 16 Schools (including theones in Zhangjiagang Campus), offering 59 undergraduate programs. It has 1center for post-doctoral studies, 2 doctoral degree Level-1 disciplines, 6doctoral degree programs, 12 master's degree Level-1 disciplines, 48 master’sdegree programs and 5 specialized master’s degree programs.There are 16,864 undergraduatestudents and 2,183 postgraduate students at school now.Thenumber of its faculty is over 2,000, including more than 1,200 full-timeteachers.

Jiangsu University of Science andTechnology has always devoted itself to setting up a team of senior-level teachers.All outstanding talents from home and abroad are warmly welcome to apply towork in JUST as specially appointed professors of Jiangsu Province.

I. Majors Needed

Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering,Dynamic Engineering and Engineering  Thermophysics, Mechanical Engineering, Informationand Communication  Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Administration Scienceand Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Biology, Animal Science,etc.

II. Requirements

1. Requirements for Overseas Applicants

1.1  All applicants must abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and other laws, and demonstrate moral integrity, rigorous commitmentto research and physical and mental fitness.

1.2 All applicants must have adoctoral degree and ideally they must be no older than 50 (i.e. born afterJanuary 1, 1973).

1.3  Overseas applicants to be employed byuniversities in Jiangsu Province after the date of January 1, 2017 should havemore than 3 consecutive years of working experience in scientific research abroad. As for those overseas applicants who were employed by universities in JiangsuProvince during the period from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2017, they shouldhave more than 2 consecutive years of working experience in scientific researchabroad. In general, they should have ever worked in the position of anassistant professor or a higher position, or other equivalent positions insenior-level universities, institutes or internationally famous and largeenterprises.

1.4 All applicants must have assembled asubstantial performance track record, either by having led a significantresearch project and having published a series of influential papers inacknowledged academic journal/s or periodical/s, or by having mastered coreexpertise and owning invention patent/s, or by having made significantaccomplishments in the conversion of scientific research results intotechnological innovations reaching an advanced international standard withextensive influence in their relevant academic fields. Their scientificresearch results must not be involved in any disputed case over intellectualproperty rights.

In some instances, should an applicant beparticularly well-credentialed or if the pool of resources for the position’sspecific subject range is limited, the requirements in degree and age could berelaxed.

2. Requirements for Applicants from China

2.1 Applicants must bepatriotic, demonstrate good political and moral qualities, abide by laws, embracerigorous commitment to research and be healthy both mentally and physically.

2.2 Applicants must have adoctoral degree and a professor's or equivalent professional title.  Inprinciple, applicants must be no older than 45 (i.e. born after January 1,1973).

2.3 Applicants must have ever led asignificant research project at the national level with achievements reaching leading standard in China or an advanced standard in the world, recognized bypeers in the same field both home and abroad. Their scientific research resultsmust not be involved in any disputed case over intellectual property rights. Orthey have made outstanding  achievements in teaching and education, and at thesame time they must have one of the following qualifications:

2.3.1 ever won the second class prize orabove (among the first 3 participants) of the National Prize for NaturalScience, Technical Innovation Award or Science  and Technology Progress Award;

2.3.2 ever supported by China’sNational Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars;

2.3.3 ever won the first classprize or above (among the first 2 participants) for outstanding achievements inChina’s National Social Science  Foundation programs, or ever won the firstclass prize or above (among the first 2 participants) for outstanding achievementsin the Humanities and Social Science Research Programs sponsored by theMinistry of Education for institutions of higher education in China;

2.3.4 ever won the first classprize or above (among the first 2 participants) for state-level teachingachievements in higher learning, or ever won the  award of the National TenThousand Program for Renowned Teachers.

In some instances, should an applicant beparticularly well-credentialed or

if the pool of resources for the position’sspecific subject range is limited, the requirements in degree and age could berelaxed.

3. Others

3.1 Applicants must meet thequalifications of Jiangsu Province for a full professor.

3.2 Applications of those who have alreadybeen listed among the “One Thousand Specially-appointed Experts” by theOrganization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the “Yangtze River Scholar Specially-appointed Professors” by the Ministry of Education, the“High-level Innovation and Entrepreneur Talents Recruiting Plan” by JiangsuProvince (individual or team leader) and the “333 High-level Talents TrainingProject” of Jiangsu Province are not accepted.

III. Responsibilities

1. Specially-appointed professors shoulddirect the construction of an academic team in their specific field, organizeand lead their team to conduct scientific research in key areas according tothe features and development needs of their subjects.

2. Specially-appointed professors should getupdated with the latest development trends of their  subjects and activelyparticipate in academic exchanges both home and abroad. During their employmentterm, they should direct their program in their specific field to achieveadvanced national standards, and increase their influence in the world.

3. Specially-appointedprofessors should tailor their research to the major demands forsocial and economic development of Jiangsu Province and China at large, and striveto win the nation-level, ministry-level and province-level key scientificresearch programs during their term of  employment while achieving remarkableinnovative results. Those specially-appointed professors in the field ofapplied technology should  work hard to convert their research results andindustrialize high-techs.

4. Specially-appointedprofessors should teach core courses in their specific subjects and tutor doctoralcandidates and postgraduate students.

IV. Duration of Employment

The duration of employment isthree years. Professors holding Chinese nationality should sign official laborcontract with JUST. Professors holding non-Chinese  nationality should beemployed as regular full-time employees by JUST.

V. Recruiting Procedures

1.  Announcement of the Plan. Our school drafts the Plan for Recruiting Specially-appointed Professors and submits it to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education forapproval. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education will announce the Plan.

2. Application. Applicants arerequired to submit their application materials through fax, email or  letter or inperson to our school prior to the date of February 28, 2018.


3. Our school will set up anappraisal committee comprising of  distinguished experts to evaluate theapplicants from all aspects and recommend the more qualified ones to Jiangsu ProvincialDepartment of Education.

4.Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education will set up an appraisal committeeto further evaluate the applicants recommended by our school, inspect them,announce the results and report their recommendations to Jiangsu ProvincialGovernment for approval.

5. Employment. Our school will sign the employmentcontract and the duty agreement with the specially-appointed professors ofJiangsu Province.

VI. Salaries and Benefits

1.  During the three years of employment, ourschool will provide the same sum of supporting funds as that provided byJiangsu Province for specially-appointed professors.

2. Apart from the one hundredand twenty thousand RMB Yuan provided by Jiangsu Province for each specially-appointed professor per year, the specially-appointed professors arealso entitled to enjoy salary, insurance and other benefits provided by ourschool according to relevant regulations of our country during the employmentterm.

3. Our school will provide a temporaryhouse with basic facilities free of charge for specially-appointed professors.

4. Our school will provide assistants for specially-appointedprofessors and help to build a well-structured academic team and invest onemillion to two million RMB Yuan to their subjects as supporting funds.

VII. Contact Us

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October 25,2017